Lazzaro Lab People

Principal Investigator
Lab Manager
Brian Lazzaro
Brian Lazzaro

Background and Research Interests

Susan Susan Rottschaefer

Mosquito population genetics; Drosophila resistance to infection

Susan's Research

Postdoctoral Researchers

Rob David Parvin Moria
Rob Unckless

Genotype-by-Environment interactions determining immunity; viruses; genome-wide association studies; evolutionary theory

Co-advised by Andy Clark

Rob's Research and website
David Duneau

Parasite adaptation to host sex and physiology

David's Research
Parvin Shahrestani

Life history evolution; relationships among immune defense, diet, and reproduction

Parvin's website
Moria Chambers

Intersection of metabolism and immunity; effects of chronic bacterial infection

Moria's website

Graduate Students

Ginny Robin Katia Joo Hyun
Virginia Howick

Nutritional factors affecting Drosophila resistance and tolerance

Ginny's Research
Robin Schwenke

Impacts of mating on Drosophila defense

Robin's Research
Katia Sotelo-Troha

Immune-related signal transduction in Drosophila tissues.

Co-advised by Nicolas Buchon

Katia's Research

Joo Hyun Im

Joo Hyun's Research

Undergraduate Researchers

No Photo
Janilya Baizack Pratik Chowdhury No Photo
Tayyaba Arshad

Janilya Baizack

Effects of the Y chromosome on immunity
Pratik Chowdhury

Evolution of resistance to fungal infection in
D. melanogaster

Sarah Crowe

Yonathan Estrella Mike Fox Kelly Eliana
Yonathan Estrella

Evolution of resistance to fungal infection in Drosophila
Mike Fox

Sexual dimorphism in the Drosophila immune response
Kelly Garcia

Genes impacting resistance against a fungal pathogen
Eliana Jacobson

Health and recovery from bacterial infection in
D. melanogaster
Sarah Hannah Kondolf Glen Malaret No Photo
Sarah Khalil

Host-pathogen interactions in Drosophila
Hannah Kondolf

Evolution of bacteria to Drosophila

Honorary Lab Member
(belongs to Buchon Lab)
Glen Malaret

Sexual dimorphism in Drosophila resistance to fungal infection
Ololade Olawale

Gerardo Ortiz Kenneth Serrano Ming Zhu  
Gerardo Ortiz

Pathogen evolution under
sex-restricted transmission
Kenneth Serrano

Ming Zhu

Evolution of resistance to fungal infection

Lab Alumni

Sarah Short (Ph.D., Genetics and Development, 2012)
Jacob Crawford (Ph.D., Entomology, 2012)
Madeline Galac (Ph.D., Genetics and Development, 2012)
Mark Jandricic (research technician, 2009 - 2011)
Chloe Ota (research technician, 2009 - 2011)
Jennifer Comstock (graduate student, 2008 - 2010)
Punita Juneja (Ph.D., Entomology, 2010)
Gerardo Marquez (postdoctoral associate, 2007 2010)
Simon Fellous (postdoctoral associate, 2008)
Christopher Yourth (postdoctoral associate, 2005 2007)
Cheryl Seidel (laboratory manager, 2004)

Former undergraduates and high school interns from the lab:
Helen Kim (2014)
Miriam Zade (2014)
Alireza Edraki (2013 - 2014)
Chris Chow (2012 - 2014)
Alexandra Gresov (2012-2014)
Jamilla Akhund-Zade (2011-2014)
Adesanya Akinleye (summer 2013; visiting from City University of New York)
Austin Milunovich (summer 2013; Research Apprenticeship in Biological Sciences program)
Megan Alzona (2012)
Ilana Porges (summer 2011; Research Apprenticeship in Biological Sciences program)
Richard Yeom (2010 - 2012)
Christine Tolias (2010 - 2012; undergraduate research honors)
Maria Driscoll (2009 - 2010)
Miguel Rosado (2008 2010)
Gabe LaHue (2007 2010; undergraduate research honors)
Rumi Sologuren (2007)
Nicholas Ledesma (2006 2008; undergraduate research honors)
Dorian Batt (2006 2007)
Grace Leonard (2006)
Sarah Phillips (2005 2007)
Michael Bosmeny (2004)
Laura Goetz (2003 2004)