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Unckless, R.L. and B.P. Lazzaro. The potential for adaptive maintenance of diversity in insect antimicrobial peptides. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Biology, 371:20150291.[pdf]

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* denotes co-first authorship

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Commentary on Bajgar et al. 2015

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gz archive of all annotated contigs in CSV format (10.7 Mb)
Single compressed FASTA file of all contigs (5.8 Mb)
Archive of all contigs in separate fasta files (6.3 Mb)
Python script automating iterative Velvet assembly approach used to assemble transcriptome

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[supplementary material]

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[Supplemental Info (.zip archive)]

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[Supplemental Info (.zip archive)]


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Fig S1 (MS Excel) Fig S2 (Ms Excel)

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[Supplemental Info]

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2004 and earlier

Lazzaro, B.P., B.K. Sceurman and A.G. Clark. (2004) The genetic basis of natural variation in D. melanogaster antibacterial immunity. Science 303:1873-1876. [pdf]
Fig S1 (MS Excel) Fig S2 (Ms Excel)

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Supplemental Table S1 Supplemental Table S2

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